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Red Oak, IA High School Class of 1899


Special Dispatch to the World-Herald.

Red Oak, Ia., June 2.—The commencement exercises of the high school were held tonight. President R. C. Hughes of Tabor college gave the address to the class. There were twenty-four graduates:

Roy Bennett
George Boyd
Sherman Black
Laura Bolt
Edward Briggs
Frank Boil
Florence Binns
Katherine Clark
Neil Clark
Lauretta Cook
Frances Dearborn
Maud Finley
Dora Gunn
Leonora Hough
Bonnie Lockhart
Ray Logan
Julia Moore
Theresa Murphy
Anna Nordquist
Hulda Peterson
Rose Smith
Edith Spencer
Jessie Stratton
Edward Shuey

Class Roster extracted from "Graduates at Red Oak," in the Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 3 Jun 1899