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Covington, LA High School Class of 1908 Graduation


A prominent event of the week was the commencement exercises of the High School, when diplomas were presented to Misses Emily Boyle, Kate Faller and Effie Mathews, and Masters. Albert Anderson, Chris Dutsch and George Carpenter. The address was delivered by Hon. T. H. Harris.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings very interesting and amusing programmes were rendered by the pupils. The declamation contest, which was participated in by the following girls of the fifth, sixth and seventh grades, Carrie Addison, Marie Peyre, Gladys Foundrint, Lucile Champagne, Miriam Watkins and Dimple Breedlove, was won by Miss Miriam Watkins. Miss Watkins ran a close race with her competitors, as they all gave evidence of ability and good training.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 31 May 1908