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Alfred - Brunswick, Maine

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Alfred ME

  • Alfred, ME High School 1929 Baseball Team Photo from the Alfred Historical Society.  Includes George Breary, David Stone, Walter Downs, Lawrence Dart, Herman Yates, Elwyn Towne, Howard Chadbourne, Joel Marshall, Mathan Smilie, Curtis Plummer, Clifton Cadric.

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Biddeford ME

  • Biddeford, ME High School 1921 Football Team Photo from McArthur Public Library
  • Biddeford, ME Olympia Yearbook Staff 1924 Photo from the Biddeford Public Library Includes Strout, Procter, Milgate, Silverman, Bryant, Robie, Dudley, Woodrow, Griffin, Hughes, Petterson, Small, O'Connor, Kearey, Seidel, Libby, Meed, Darcey, Fosdick, Anderson.
  • Biddeford, ME High School 1924 Senior Play Photo from McArthur Public Library. Includes Marie Michnewich, Elizabeth Kearney, Elizabeth Dudley, Freida Polakewich, Jessie Anderson, Henry Fearson, Amy Bryant, Donald Libby, Cornelius Darcy, Dorothy Seidel, William Woodrow
  • Biddeford, ME High School Cadets abt 1890 Photo from the Biddeford Historical Society. Includes Catherine Tarr Means, Lizzie Etchells Flood.
  • Biddeford, ME High School Class of 1882 Photo online from Dyer Library Archives / Saco Museum.
  • Biddeford, ME High School Class of 1967 Website includes graduation group photos
  • Biddeford, ME High School Graduating Class of 1933 Photo from the Biddeford Historical Society Includes Mary Callanan, Marguerite (Huges) O'grady, Athena (Droggitis) Gregory, Annette Cantara, Philp Folsom, Dorothy Doyle, Ritha Chamberlain, Irene Lachance, Marian Millikin, Keith Hortense, Ruth Tanner, Mildred Hood, Mary-Jane Hill, Dorothy Young, Arlene Simpson, Alice Simard, Leonora Anton, Pauline Lamothe, Madeline Paquin, Ann Thorne, Edna Wildes, Katherine Donovan, Margueret Donovan, Catherine Cullin, Phillis Center, Phillis Grond, Flrorence Lowell, Phillis Wilcox, Pauline Moisan, Simonne Boivin Rena (Peck) Deis, Helene Twomey, Alice Tufts, Arlene Murphy, Elizabeth Goldthwaite, Lucy Johnson, Florence Peck, Benjamin Remar, Armand Belanger Joseph Hartley, Conrad Cadorette, James Judge, Edward Ready, Tryon Cutter, Arthur Cabornette, Murray Parker, Saul Stern, C. Wilson Place, Stanley Sparkowich, Albert Cookson, Paul Sevigny, Philip Whelan, Richard Manson, John Lane, Burton Richard, Gordon Cheney, George Olson, Carroll McCarthy, Conrad Goodwin, Lester Orcutt, Willard Lajoie, R. Marcel Blais, James Driscoll.
  • Biddeford, ME St. Joseph High School Freshman Class of 1948 Photo from the Biddeford Historical Society. Includes Jeannette Roy, Rita Huppe, Yvette Boilard, May-Lea Cabana, Florence Bedard, Murial Sayer, Jacqueline Valliere, Claudette Brault, Laurette Doyon, Paulette Leclerc, Pauline Dubuc, Yolande Beaudoin, Juliette Gerard, Lucille Morin, Lorraine Courtois, Pearl Hevey, Jeannine Dutremble, Laurette Delorge, Jeannette Pineau, Lorraine Poirier, Jeane Granger.
  • Biddeford, ME St. Louis High School 1949 Basketball Team Photo from the Biddeford Historical Society. Includes Joe Lauzon, Roger Legare, Leonard Cote, Renald Tardif, Bruce Brunell, Roland Provencher, Coach Dave Walch, William Dussault, Guy Hevey, Robert Provencher, Robert Cote Raymond Nadeau, Roger Neveux, Conrad Audie, Renald Perreault, Richard Potvin.
  • Biddeford, ME St. Louis High School 1949 Eagles Football Team Photo from the Biddeford Historical Society. Includes Dick Dutremble, Joe Lauzon,Pit Neveaux, Bob Dubuc, Ray Gagnon. Bob Cote, Bob Provencher, Normand Pinette, Dick Potvin. Specs Lehoux, Dick Shevenell, Donald Madore, Normand Roy, Vic Cordeau, Normand Nadeau, Kenneth Cormier, Roland Provencher, Paul Peloquin, Raymond Auger, Paul Parenteau, Raymond Durette, Maurice Roux, Raymond Begin, Bob Reed, Fernand Lehoux, Leo Champoux, Raymond Vachon, Paul Poissant, Robert Proux, Normand Faucher, Normand Larochelle, Robert Dumas, Paul Gobeil, Marcel Dlorge, Roland Neveaux, Roger Baillargeon, Philip Roux, Albert Cote, Renald Tardif, John Pendleton, Bill Dusseault, Raymond Hevey, Normand L. Nadeau, Rene Alie, Dave Walsh, Normand Methot, Leonard Cote, Normand Laflamme, George Bergeron, Leo-Paul Thibault, Roger Tardif, Bragdon Hanson, Albert Poyvin.

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