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Mechanics, Falls ME High School Class of 1938

Mechanics Falls, ME High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1942



Robert Haskell, Tri State College, Indiana.
May Strout, Sargent College, Boston, Mass.


Barbara Allard, Bath, Maine
Arlene Austin, Portland, Maine
Phyllis Brackett, Manchester, Conn.
Charles Bridgham, Lewiston, Maine
Elmer Chipman, Western Electric, Newark, N. J.
Ellen Farr, Poland, Maine
Elsie Knight, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Donald Mills, Poland, Maine
Harry Stuart, Lewiston, Maine
Doris Watkins, Beauty Shoppe, Mechanic Falls, Maine


Richard Bryant (1938) to Lulu Mitchell
Leonard Crooker (1938) to Esther Millett (1933)
Eleanor Hobbs (1938) to Donald Pettingell
Adaline Klain (1938) to Richard Keene (1937)
Ruth Morton (1938) to Edward Williams
Flora Ridley (1938) to Maurice Brown
Maynard Brackett (1938) to Ethelyn Bryant
Ralph Libby (1938) to Ardith Frank
Althea Davis (1938) to Richard Bowen
Welthere Clark (1938) to Edward Floyd

From the 1942 Pilot Yearbook of Mechanic Falls, ME High School