Mechanics, Falls ME High School Class of 1939

Mechanics Falls, ME High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1942



Arnold Leavitt, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine
Gerald Rowe, Boston, Mass.
Emmons Taylor, Colby College, Waterville, Maine


Ralph Allen, Portland, Maine
Roland Bonney, Bath, Maine
Glennis Coffin, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Pauline Danforth, Washington, D. C.
Majorie Files, Deerfield, Mass.
Pauline Giddinge, Mechanic Falls, Maine
John Hemond, Minot, Maine
Charles Merrill, Theatre Business
Helen McMorran, Lewiston, Maine
Fotoes Mitchell, Auburn, Maine
Phyllis Mixer, Peck's Store, Lewiston, Me.
Lloyd Shaw, C. M. G. Hospital, Lewiston, Maine


Marion Grant (1939) to Norman Smith
Evelyn Hobbs (1939) to Howard Mitchell
James Plummer (1939) to Dorothy Reynolds
Caroline Tripp (1939) to Paul Miller

From the 1942 Pilot Yearbook of Mechanic Falls, ME High School