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Mechanics, Falls ME High School Class of 1940

Mechanics Falls, ME High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1942



Ruth Allen, University of Maine
Ella Barr, Training C. M. G. Hospital, Lewiston, Maine
Ernest Frazee, Bliss Business College, Lewiston, Maine
Virginia Jordan, Iowa State College
Gard Rowe, Boston, Mass.


Edward Churchill, Todd Bath Iron Works, Portland, Maine
Loretta DeBaise, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Wilfred Duchette, Oxford Woolen Mills
Beverly Damon, Hill Mill Office, Lewiston, Maine
Zadie Emery, Auburn, Maine
Harriet Hackett, Massachusetts
Gerald Harwood, Southworth Mechanic Falls, Maine
Rita Hemond, Auburn, Maine
Robert Hood, Portland, Maine
Irma Holt, Lewiston, Maine
Louise Martin, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Mary Morton, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Russell Penny, Emerson College, Boston, Mass.
Norman Rowe, Mechanic Fall, Maine
Donald Spiller, Lewiston, Maine
Norris Varrell, Todd Bath Iron Works, Portland, Maine.
Arthur Walker, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Stanley Walker, Mechanic Falls, Maine
Alfred Thurlow, Maheux's Airport, Auburn, Maine
Mildred Terrill, Portland, Maine
Arthur Whittier, Portland, Maine


Marion Rowe (1940) to Frank Myrick
Donald Raymond (1940) to Methyl Giddinge
Elizabeth Edwards (1940) to Jacob Martin
Florine Edwards (1940) to Walter Perry
Eleanor Gendron (1940) to Willia Harmon
Martin Farr (1940) to Irene Frank

From the 1942 Pilot Yearbook of Mechanic Falls, ME High School