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Mechanics, Falls ME High School Class of 1951

Mechanics Falls, ME High School Alumni and where they were in 1955


Rodney Bernier, Mechanic Falls
Roger Bowman, University of Maine
Aubrey Coffin, Hartford, Conn.
Ruth Cole-Donnell, Livermore Falls
Leon DeCoster, Service
Donna DeWolfe, Mechanic Falls
Robert Ellery, Service
Elwin Emery, Service
Harry Giddings, Service
Evangeline Goss, Gordon College, Boston, Mass.
Paul Grant, Texas
Catherine Gray-Golden, Turner
Joan Hartshorn-Button, Mass.
Carolyn Hawes, Melrose, Mass.
Eugene Hill, Mechanic Falls
Robert Holt, Service
Edward Humphries, Service
Carolyn Jewett-Graves, California
Roy Kimball, Poland
Roxie Knight-Strout, Mechanic Falls
Robert Leavitt, Phillips, Maine
Mildred Libby, Poland
William Maxim, Providence Bible Institute, R. I.
Robert Mortimer, University of Maine
Martha McNally, Mechanic Falls
Pearl McNally, Mechanic Falls
Thomas Ohlund, Mechanic Falls
Roger Pratt, Service
Russell Pray, Norway, Maine
Charlene Rich-McKeen, Auburn
Carol Sherburne-Humphrey, Maryland
James Smith, Service
Carlene Strout-Perkins, New York
Lois Thompson-Gammon, Mechanic Falls
Carrolous Verrill, Service
Clifford Walker, Service
Harry Wilson, Mechanic Falls
Norman Walker, Jr., Mechanic Falls
Richard Wilson, Mechanic Falls

From the 1955 Pilot Yearbook of Mechanic Falls, ME High School