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Westfield, MA St. Marys Grammar School Class of 1922

The graduates of the grammar school are as follows:

Felix A. Dalessio
Thomas V. Conniff
Oliver J. Baillargeon
Harold J. Martin
Edward J. Evans
William J. Walsh
James J. Carlin
Norman E. Carboneau
James F. Williams
Emil J. Champagne
Robert J. Tuohy
John J. Griffin
Edward J. Hickson
Teresa M. Fitzgerald
Marie L. Saltus
Mary E. Brick
Mary R. McKay
Helen V. Schoenrock
Doris F. Hargraves
Mary T. McDonald
Catherine F. Ryan
Alice M. Kirwin
Martha R. Gough
Helen G. Lynch
Catherine M. Moore
Anna D. Shea

Class roster extracted from "Rev. G. M. Fitzgerald Addresses Graduates," in the Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 12 Jun 1922