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Auburn, NE High School Class of 1909


Special Dispatch to the World-Herald.

Auburn, Neb., May 28.—The twenty-first annual commencement exercises of the Auburn High school were held at the Moody opera house last night. There were thirty gradates. The program was mostly musical. The address was given by Dr. A. E. Turner, president of the Hastings college. The diplomas were presented by Attorney Fernean of Auburn, who was a member of the first graduating class.

The graduates were:

Bessie Anderson
Mabel and Minnie Bath
Mary Bellas
Maud Clark
Roy Cummings
Charles Curgon
Alma Daugherty
Laura Dustin
Cozier Gilman
George Guilliatt
Roxy Hacker
Edna Hanks
Mabel Henderson
Percy Janes
Blanche Jerauld
Grace Biller
Charles Peery
Alma Plasters
Guy and Tracy Rhodes
Louie Rogers
Paul Stoehr
Lloyd Swan
Clarence Tucker
Golda and Lilian VanHouten
Maud Williams
Charles Yocum
Walter York

Class Roster extracted from "Auburn Graduates," in the Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 28 May 1909