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Beatrice, NE High School Class of 1896

The graduation exercises of the Beatrice High school were held at the Paddock opera house Friday evening. The following list comprised those receiving diplomas:

Classical course:
Laura Ella Gere
Clyde Thomas Hayes
Archibald C. Hershey
Mabel Clare Pyrtle

philosophical course:

Nora L. Bare
Florence E. Coon
Bertha Frey
Emma M. Neldhart
Mabel G. Oakley
Frankie G. Shepherd

English course:

Carrie H. Carnahan
Harley M. Erwin
Herbert A. D. King
Clyde Macey
Kirk Meyers
Alexander C. Sabin

The invocation by Rev. C. S. Dudley was followed by the salutatory address by Mabel Pyrtle. The recitations were rendered in a most creditable manner. Superintendent W. H. Herter is deserving of the highest praise for his able management of the schools.

Class Roster extracted from "News from State Towns. What the Smaller Cities of Nebraska Tell of the Past Seven Days," in the Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 8 Jun 1896