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Crete, NE Doane College Class of 1899


Class of a Dozen Graduated at the Crete College.

Special Dispatch to the World-Herald.

Crete, Neb., June 22.—This is commencement week at Doane college and numerous visitors of note from aboard are in attendance. The baccalaureate sermon was preached Sunday by Rev. Theodore Clifton, D. D., and the address to the Christian association was delivered Sunday evening by Hon. George W. Berge of Lincoln.

On Monday evening the graduating exercises of the academy were held. There were seven graduates. Tuesday evening the Dawes oratorical contest was held and Wednesday evening was the annual concert given by the musical department.

This morning the commencement day exercises were held, participated in by the following, who compose the class of 1899:

Claude L. Abbott, Louise Billings, Otto J. Kubicek, J. C. Linberg, Grace Hooper, Thomas Bahr, Frank Power, Edna Ruby, Andrew Houston, Lula Sawyer, E. W. Ellis and J. E. Taylor.

Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 23 Jun 1899