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North Bend, NE High School Class of 1897

North Bend, Neb.—The seventh annual commencement of the North Bend high school was held at the North Bend opera house under the direction of the board of education and the principal, J. F. Connor, who has just closed his third year as principal of the schools and is employed for the fourth year.

The graduates and their subjects were:

“Where Are We?” Edwin Scott
"Aye, Every Inch a King." oration, Lucy S. Goff
"Westward," Charles D. Ritchie
"Plants That Flower Late," Ethel M. Rody
"Effects Require Causes," James S. Catherwood
"Eyes and No Eyes," Alice M. Cusack
"Heights Charm Us, but the Paths That Lead to Them Do Not," Byron S. Ritter
"Let There Be Llight{sic}," Gertrude E. Gregg
"Influence of Ideals," Maud M. Hall
"Just Out," Alonzo Doubrava

R. B. Slops, president of the board of education, presented the diplomas.

Class Roster extracted from "Step Out Into the World," in the Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 7 Jun 1897