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Woodville, NH High School Faculty 1976-77

Mr. Dempsey
Mrs. Hehre
Mrs. Stimson
Mr. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Evans
Mr. Hight
Mrs. Ansley
Mrs. Sherburne
Miss Smith
Mr. Pike
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Millette
Mrs. Lamott
Mr. Ward
Mr. Desrochers
Miss Lutz
Mr. Hall
Mrs. Mullen
Miss Lundblad
Mr. Cobb
Mrs. Hatch
Miss Emery
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Fullerton
Mr. Feid
Mr. Craigle
Mr. Crowell
Mr. Bagonzi
Mr. Dean
Mrs. Kelly
Mrs. Desrochers

Faculty list from the 1977 Engineer Yearbook of Woodville High School