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Albany - Buffalo, New York

New York High School and College Yearbooks online, for sale and in special collections.

College of St. Rose, Albany, New York Class of 1934Albany NY

  • Albany, NY College of St. Rose Class of 1934 Photo online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Boland, Collins, Dunigan, Dziewisz, Favreau, Fisher, Fitzpatrick, Flynn, Fogarty, Gleason, Grace, Hausmann, Hayes, Justen, Kalteau, Kampf, Kelly, Kennedy, Kimmey, Lanahan, Mahoney, Markey, McCarthy, McCormack, McManus, Passenger, Petkovsek, Prior, Quinn, Roche, Salamack, Shepardson, Sherritt, Simonin, Vasill, Wacks, Wagner, Warren, Welsh, Willigan, Zehr

Alfred NY

  • Alfred, NY Alfred University Yearbooks: 1949 1950 online from mocavo.com

Annadale NY

Bayside NY

Belfast NY

Binghamton NY

Boiceville NY

Brashear Falls NY

Brentwood NY

Briarcliff Manor NY

Brockport NY

Bronx NY

Bronxville NY

  • Bronxville, NY Concordia Collegiate Institute Yearbooks: 1949 1950 1951 online from mocavo.com

Brooklyn NY

Central High School, Buffalo, NY Relay Team 1903Buffalo NY