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Bath, NY Haverling High School Classes of 1885-1887

Ellen Cooper (Lines).
Clara B. Campbell (Martin).
Kate Quigley (Wakefield).
Mary Jenks (Harris).
Alida Scrafford (Newton).
*Kate Sherwood.
William H. Chamberlain.
*Harvey P. Jack
C. Griffith Young.
John A. Adams.
John P. Longwell.
George W. Rosenkrans.
Charles Morrow.
*Olin W. Wood
George D. Sproul.
George Everson.

*Minnie VanWie (Morris).
Nellie Hill Otis (Davison).
Julia E. Averell (Beekman).
Julia Longwell (Dale).
Jennie Hoagland.
Mary Scrafford.
*Lucille Jack.
Roxy Harrison (Wixson).
Harriet Bushnell.
Anna A. Brundage.
*Louise Courtney.
Jennie Beckwith (Ross).
Albert W. Emerson.
*Charles Noble.
Charles L. Kingsley.
C. William Wright.
*Charles S. Smith.
*Reuben W. Wheeler.

Lucy C. Chamberlain (Baker).
Nettie Conine (Sinclair).
*Lizzie Hand (Dockstader).
Cornelia Hardenbrook (Morris).
Hattie Hawe (Williamson).
Mary B. Hopkins.
Kate Morrison.
*Marie Morse.
Susan R. Lewis (Nichols).
Charlotte Sedgwick.
Rose Thomas (Sherman).
Mary Thomas (Duvall).
Anna L. Wright (Storsbach).
William E. Dunton.
Charles H. Denniston.
William M. Wood.
William A. Mallory.
*James S. Wilkes.
Albert E. Young.
*William B. Brown.
Henry W. Bowes.


Alumni News from the 1923 Yearbook of Haverling High School.

Haverling High School, Bath, New York Yearbooks
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