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Bath, NY Haverling High School Classes of 1892-1894

* Willard S. Reed
Carter R. Kingsley.
Ernest E. Cole.
Charles C. W. Bauder.
John L. Orcutt.
Herbert DeGraw.
Frederick J. Durgan.
Charles H. Moore, Jr.
Lee Smith.
Nancy Thomas.
Euphemia Faucett (Burch).
Frank O. Gay.

James C. Dorn
H. Belle Averell (Wynkoop).
Mary A. Allen.
Clifton C. Walker.
Stephen S. Read.
James B. Hopkins.
Frank A. DeGraw.
Bessie Morrison.
Nettie A. Webster.
*Bessie May (Masters).
Anna Rich (Levy).
Bessie K. Gillette (Thurston).
Louise Quackenbush (Crouch).
Jessie McPherson (Smith).
Grace Hopkins.
Edwin C. Smith.
Egbert H. Dudley.
Frank Campbell.
Thomas Bassett.

John E. Hasson.
Almond P, Dudley.
Daniel J. Orcutt.
Anna B. Davison (DeCamp).
Edith Morrow (Dudley).
Anthony L. Underhill, Jr.
John R. Matthews.
George L. Walker.
Bertha Thomas.
Winfred morrow..
Rachel Shepard.
Ella Mooney (Bates).
Elizabeth McNamara (Flynn).
Anna D. Holley.
Estella Brush (Reed).
Floyd H. Lewis.
Minnie Fay.


Alumni Roster from the 1923 Yearbook of Haverling High School.

Haverling High School, Bath, New York Yearbooks
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