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Bath, NY Haverling High School Class of 1922

Esther Allen
Tena M. Aschettini
Margaret Bowlby
Edna L. Bowlby
Almerian R. Boileau
Lewis C. Barkley
Hazel G. Crants
Ernest G. DeGraw
Arthur D. DeGraw
Lillian M. Drake
Florence H. Dudley
Dorothy Dudley
Lawrence G. Dudley
Newton G. Ehle
Walter V. Ferris
Virginia. R. Hastings
Howard B. Lee
M. Margaret McEntee
Lauretta D. Miller
Robert F. Rogers
F. Rohan Stewart
Aura. F. Snell
Aldine Sinclair
Edith Smith
Donna R. Swain
Mary M. Stewart
Vivian Scripture
W. Preston Tate
Marietta A. White
Catherine Walker
Herbert Tripp


Alumni Roster from the 1923 Yearbook of Haverling High School.

Haverling High School, Bath, New York Yearbooks
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