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Bath, NY Haverling High School Classes of 1916-1917

Oscar A. Carey.
Robert 0. Davison.
Frances Dube11 (Zerfass)
Clarence Gunderman.
Altha R. Hodges.
George E. Howell.
Ruth A. Leavenworth (Crane).
Lawrence M. Loveless.
Walter McGuire.
Edith A. Runner.
Lois B. Stanton.
Dorothy M. Stewart (Ness)
Audrey Dorothy Reed (Sterrett)
Grace Eleanor Ormsby (Brown).

Wilton R. Dudley.
Marion I. Carter (Ormsby).
Lemuel Mathewson.
Lydia P. White.
Helen Sin Clair.
Verda Wilson (Rapp)
Clara Manning.
Elva. Welch (Chase).
Florence Robinson (Carey.)
Ellen Reynolds.
Clarence King.
Leland R. Yost.
Florence Daniels.
Royal H. McEntee.
Olive Brundage (Norman)
Lena Wilkes. Aliene Wilcox.
Georgia Cooper (Shoemaker).
Alice Walker.
Beatrice Whitehead
*Baana. B. Shattuck.
Mary Noble.
G. William Sams.
Harold Ness.
Floyd Morrow.
Marjorie Benedict.
Warren Bradley.
Genevieve Timmerman (Rose)
Susie Armstrong.
Lillian Mayer.


Alumni Roster from the 1923 Yearbook of Haverling High School.

Haverling High School, Bath, New York Yearbooks
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