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Bath, NY Haverling High School Classes of 1918-1919

John Shannon.
Ruth McGuire.
Frances Brown.
Stephen Bliss.
Raymond Stocking.
Ethel Sharp.
Dorothy Elkins.
Claire Arnburg.
Elsie Bayford.
Marguerite Butts (Hoesli).
Arthur Downing.
Earl Margeson.
Charles Noble.
Lawrence Ort.
George Read.
Martha Shannon.
Ruth Smith (Magee)
Bernice Smith (Hardenbrook)
William Tigue.
Lillian Tharp.
Hilda Warren (Noble).
Ethel Wilcox (Rahl)
Esther Vroom.
Beatrice Whitehead.

C. Mather Parker
Gladys Lewis (Musselman)
Adelaide M. Bryan
Leland B. Bryan
Mildred S. Boileau (Conley)
Erva E. Littell
Craig Alderman
Wilson S. Barclay
Florice W. Arnburg (Underhill)
Robert E. Cole
Alice A. Dudley
Carlton R. Ferris
Deyo L. Geer
J. Victor Hunn
Laura M. Hewlett
Carl N. Huber
Odell B. Kelly
Frances Merrill
Joseph Mathewson
Marion Nash
Ivan Rogers
Minerva A. Read (Finch)
Rhena E. Snell
Leland Foster
James J. Sanford


Alumni Roster from the 1923 Yearbook of Haverling High School.

Haverling High School, Bath, New York Yearbooks
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