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Bath, NY Haverling High School Classes of 1920-1921

Thomas Sliney
Marguerite Daniels
Fannie Faucett
Marie McCabe
Jack Switzer
Marilla VanGelder
Leslie Bryan
Milla Baird
Rose Williams (Butts).
Catherine Bonsor
Evelyn Brown
Kathryn DuBell
Irene Greenfield.
Dorothy Holmes
Elizabeth Kirtland
Lucy Kleckler
Marion Rising
Kenneth Stocking
Clara Swain (Dygert)
Laura Sherman
Frances Smith
Earl Tierney
Marion Walker
Ernest Walker
Katherine Webster

Thomas Fogarty
Marion Enste
Mildred Stewart
Kathryn Bryan
William Evans
Sterling Cole
William Smith
Clay Harder
Winifred House
Helen Convery
Gilbert Ferris
Marion McGuire
John McMaster
Eliza Covell (Leonard)
Margaret Greene
Gilbert Aschettini
Gertrude Van Keuren
James Rising
Bertha Catchpool
Isadore Dearlove
Olin Sharp
Sarah Tate
Richard Sherer
Alice Taggart
Gerald Murphy
Jessie Walker
Burton Tharp
Helen Manning
Frances Switzer
John Gregory
Harold Longwell
Mary Jane Dalton
Katherine McCabe


Alumni Roster from the 1923 Yearbook of Haverling High School.

Haverling High School, Bath, New York Yearbooks
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