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Deposit, NY School Seventh Grade Students 1918

GRADE SEVEN (The future class of 1923)

Earl Reynolds
Floyd Roose
Harold Sadler
Walter Sadler
Harold Strong
Llewellyn Tucker
Carlton Vandervort
Edward Weeks
Gordon Perry
William Knapp
Nelson See
Percy Begeal
Elizabeth Conklin
Margaret Conklin
Mary Conrow
Genevieve Crowley
Anna Curry
Catherine Davidson
Margaret Davidson
Sylvia Frank
Reva Gardner
Merle MacFarland
Florence Male
Lola Morse
Coribel Page
Verenia Satterly
Dorothy Smith
Margaret Smith
Sadie Truesdail
Helen Van Akin
Mabel Whitney
Alice Whitaker
Walter Axtell
Allen Barlow
George Barlow
Harold Buchanan
Paul Burns
Raymond Burrows
Harry Crowley
Bruce Dimorier
Donald Freeman
Frank Fuller
Kendall Kelsey
Dermot Keown
William Knapp

Student Roster from the 1918 Yearbook of Deposit High School.

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