Marysville, OH High School Class of 1934 History


(By Todd Hoopes)

As Mr. William J. Long, that estimable writer of our English Literature Book says, "No man can possibly write the history of his own times," I don't know exactly what to call this.

In my hunt for illumination on the class, a strange coincidence was brought to my attention. In 1922, when we all started to school, a person by the name of Professor H. C. Wright began teaching in the high school, so we should consider him a full fledged member of our class.

In the first grade, in 1922, the following members of the present class were enrolled in the West Building; Ludlow Elliot, John Wilkins, Gordon Miller, Bernard Cleaves, Eileen Coder, Marie Strong, Betty Galloway, Mary Elizabeth Gaumer, Walter Otte, and Dorothy Longbrake. In the East Building were the following: Lloyd Rausch, Carl Schwartzkipf, Elvin Belt, Ruth Scheiderer, Bernice Rausch, Mary Rupright, Georgia Croy, Mary Margaret Williams, Charles Morelock, Emelyn Hervery, Helen Hill and Laurinda Rausch.

In the 2nd grade, Maurice DeVore and Crystal Edwards came from Allen Center, while Bernice and Laurinda Rausch went to the St. John's parochial school.

In the 4th grade, Carl Schwartzkopf, Lloyd Rausch, Ruth Scheiderer went to the Parochial School and Crystal Edwards returned to Allen Center.

In the fifth grade, Martha Wilson came from the Lincoln Grade School, Springfield and Derry Rowley from Avondale Avenue Grade School, Columbus. Helen Hill went to Pharisburg.

The next year Crystal Edwards returned form Allen Center.

In the 7th grade, Louise Thompson, from the Hilliard School and Eleanor Sayre from Cardington, entered the class.

In the 8th grade, Bernice and Lloyd Rausch came back from the Parochial School, Jean Titus from Lincoln Junior High, Manhattan, Kansas, George Raglin from Piqua and Joe Hervey.

In our Freshman year, Evangelyn Nicol, Edward Gunderman, Ruth Schelderer, Clara Dinkel, and Carl Schwartzkoph came from the Parochial School, Joan Kinkade from North Center, and Oliver Clark, Eileen Tailman from Peoria, Eugene Mader came in.

In the sophomore year, Lydia [line missing...................] ters.

Track: George Raglin, 2; John Porter, 2; and John Wilkins, 1.

Cheer leading: Ernest Asman and Marie Streng.

Band: Bernard Cleaves, Eugene Mader, Ludlow Elliot, Kathryn Faulkner, Mary Elizabeth Gaumer, Rose Elbin, Crystal Edwards, Dorothy Longbrake, Evangelyn Nicol and Jean Titus.

Two things which have not yet slipped my mind are the senior plays, "Evening Clothes" is remembered because it was given and "Sally & Co.," because it was not, or at least, has not yet been given.

The class of 1934 has the honor of being the last freshman class of M. H. S. Also it is the first class to complete its high school years in the new building.

Even if this history were not written, the class of 1934 would be remembered down through the years because of its remarkable achievements.

The Union County Journal, Marysville, OH May 21, 1934