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Marietta, OH High School 1938 Tigers Football Team Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on July 4, 2010 - 1:40am


Marietta, OH High School 1938 Tigers Football Team


In the photograph: Robert Spies, Louis Miller, Jack Ross, Robert Sutton, Richard Casto, Richard Stephens, Paul Stockwell, Homer Grable, James Schafer, George Haddad, Don Spindler, James Archer, William Nye, Robert Hoff, Glen Wittekind, Lawrence Connor, Don Davis, Quigley, Jack Kidd, Saunders, Friend, C. Miller, Lindamood, P. Cook, C. Smith, Parsons, Duff, Logan, Mellor, J. Smith, Patterson, Forshey, Hock, Phelps, Needham, Drennen, Williamson, Mugrage, Rigeaux, Armor, Etter, Pape, Mr. Fred Mullenix, Mr. John Callahan, Mr. Frank Sutton, Mr. Luke Runkel, Mr. Dwain Murray, McClure, Wayne Pitts, Robert Lee