Toledo, OH Waite High School Honor Roll 1928

Honor Roll

IN LIFE when men put forth their best work in their undertakings they reach a goal of satisfaction and happiness; so in school if boys and girls do their best work consistently they attain the reward of high scholarship. For those who show honest and concentrated scholarship some recognition must be given; therefore the Honor Roll has become a part of each year's Purple and Gold. This Honor Roll gives the names of the students in each class who stand highest in scholastic achievement for the past year. To be mentioned in the Honor Roll is one of the finest honors that can come to a student of Morrison R. Waite High School.

At the close of the past semester, the following pupils lead the class in scholarship in the order named. The record for members of the Senior and Junior classes is based on their accomplishments since entering Waite. The record for the Sophomore and Freshman Classes is based on the work of the fall semester of the present school year.


Kathryn Emch
Mary Prince
Lee Thompson
Gene Winchester
Margaret Kohut
Mary Collins
Pauline Heistand
Elza Henzler
Myrtle Michael
Lotus Eberle
Robert Goorley
William Basco
Clarence Beckett
Ruth Arduser
Alice Diefenthaler
Laura Taylor


Edith Ein
Josephine Shatto
Edna Nelms
Dorothy Robinson Walton
George Young
Robert Price
Rolland Buehrer
Leonard Linsenmayer
Walter Wilcox
Dorcas Early
Ruth Butler
Melvin Seppeler


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