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Loveland, OH High School Alumni 1881-1929

Although there is no recorded history of such an association, it seems that the first Alumni Association of Loveland High School existed in the early nineties.

However, the present association was organized in 1915. Due to the fact that the president moved from Loveland during the year, the enthusiasm waned somewhat and no reunions were held until May 17, 1928. The old association was reorganized in the fall of 1927, and after adopting the new constitution, the following officers were elected : Clyde C. Cox, President; Sarah Snell, Vice-President; Mary S. Donnelly, Secretary-Treasurer; Esther Driscoll Tufts and Robert N. Coyle, members of Executive Committee.

The reunion in May, 1928, was a great success and served to revive the old enthusiasm. At that annual meeting the following officers were chosen : President, Arthur G. Seigle (1905) ; Vice-President, Cora Hawley (1886) ; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary S. Donnelly (1900) ; Executive Members, Lois C. Doll (1923) and Robert N. Coyle (1927).

The success of our next reunion, held on May 22, 1929, was due in great part to the untiring efforts of these officers and their various committees. The present officers elected on that date are: President, Mrs.Josephine Conley (1894) ; Vice-President, John Pfiester, Jr., (1925) ;Secretary-Treasurer, Elizabeth M. Coyle (1922) ; Executive Members,Esther Driscoll Tufts (1919) and Kenneth C. Seaman (1929).

Our Alma Mater ranks among the oldest in this part of the state, and we hope to so nourish this infant association with enthusiasm and interest that it will grow to be the great organization we dreamed of
when we reorganized in 1927.

This list of graduates is correct to the best of our knowledge; but,owing to the lack of records, it may not be so accurate as we would like.

ALUMNI ROLL [from the 1930 Loveland Scholar Yearbook]

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