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Bedford, OH High School Class of 1897

Harriet L. Hensley
Rosa M. Bidwell
Charles B. Vasson
Pearl A. Berthick
Mary A. Benedict
Andrew F. Hensey
Thankful A. Matthews
Frances M. Black
John Rosabeck - valedictorian

[Headline of article reads "Ten Graduates". Only nine graduates mentioned in article.]

Class roster extracted from "Ten Graduates. Annual Commencement Exercises of the Bedford High Schools," in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 12 Jun 1897


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Bedford Class of 1897

I have a "Dabbler" Year book from 1921. The Alumni listed for 1897 are
Harriet L. Hensey-Hickman
Pearl A. Derthick
Charles B. Dawson
Andrew F. Hensey
Frances M. Black-Wright
John P. Rorabeck
Lulu A. Bidwell-Smith
Rose M. Bidwell-Reimel
Thankful A. Mathews-Bowe
Mary A. Benedict-Hoffman

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