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Bellaire, OH High School Class of 1889

Bud [or Budu] Aplin
Minnie Ault
Nohe [or Nolie] Boyd
Maggie Brown
Jessie Landkron
Sadie Burtoft
Katie Davis
Maggie Fitton
Alice Gloow
Allen Portefield
Flora Jockley
Ella Jeffers
Linnie Long
Jennie Thornberry
G. A. Hopkins
Lina Tusker
Pearl Chambers
Mary Nevans

From the newspaper article: "Miss Mary Nevans. Mary had received a notice to prepare for graduation. She was given the class motto as a subject for an essay and she set to work at her task with a light heart, felling confident that she could prepare a paper that would rank with the rest of her schoolmates. The composition was never completed. Amide the excitement, incident to the closing days of her school life, she was stricken with the fever, and all her efforts to shake off the dreaded disease were of no avail. Typhus fever had a firm hold on her constitution, and while those she loves so well were wrestling for honors before an enthusiastic audience, poor Mary suffered on a sick bed."

Class roster extracted from "Bellaire. Commencement Exercises in the Glass City, Last Evening," in the Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 8 Jun 1889


More on Mary Nevans ---

Mary Nevans, one of the members of the graduating class, is laid up with the fever and will not take part in the commencement exercises. Mary should have graduated last year, but her grade in one study was too low to admit of her receiving a diploma. She took the examination for teacher last year and received the highest average in the class.

Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 3 Jun 1889


Mary Nevans died at an [sic] early yesterday morning. Funeral to-morrow from her late home in Fourth ward.

Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 13 Jun 1889