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Berea, OH High School Class of 1898

Commencement at Berea.

Special to the Plain Dealer.

BEREA, May 27.—The commencement exercises of the Berea high school were held in Berea armory this evening. The graduating class numbers twelve, but only eleven members participated in the exercises, the absent member, John Nelson, having enlisted in the Fifth regiment. Mr. Nelson was granted a diploma by the board of education previous to his departure for the front.

Following is a list of the graduates:

Jay Beswick
Sara Green
Harriet Rodd
Maude Foxall
Winifred Borger
Birdie Clark
Maude Thorn
Lena Nichols
Edith Curtis
Agnes Gould
John Nelson
William Code

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 28 May 1898