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Berea, OH High School Class of 1903

The graduates are as follows:

Clark W. Fullerton
Pearl Ruder
Anna R. O'Brien
John L. Fowles
Viola Smith
Thurman W. Clark
Agnes Taylor
Ethel M. Wilcox
Henry Southam
Irene Riddles
Cecelia M. Link
Bessie L. Chapman
Sophia C. Nelson
Lloyd Bentley
Leonard S. Honess
Ethel Multison
Nellie D. Neubrand

Lewis A. Fowles
Lettie L. Bertoszek
Ross Gray
Florence A. McMillan

Ernest Stroud

West View:
Stealla M. Shepard

Bessie M. Brown

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.:
Vincent J. Persons

Class Roster extracted from "High School Graduation : Twenty-Seven Receive Diplomas on Finishing Their Long Course of Study," in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 13 Jun 1903