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Berea, OH High School Class of 1901

Miss Mabel Rogers, Parma, O.
Miss Viola Paulus, Berea
Otis Bomgardner, Berea
Miss Florence Stroud, McKinley, O.
Mary Gordon, Berea
Ed Widdow, Berea
Clarence Brown, Berea
Miss Gertrude Money, Royalton, O.
Ralph Riddles, Berea
Miss Lora Rohde, Berea
John Morrissey, Berea
Miss Estella Waddups, Berea
Miss Gertrude Blodgett, West View
Miss Grace Fritz, Berea
Earl Clark, Berea
Miss Myrtle Curtis, Berea
Miss Florence Chambers, West View
Miss Tresa O'Brien, Berea
Miss Rena Danolds, Berea
Miss Lucy Riddles, Berea
John Southam, Berea
Frank Coates, Berea
Earl Stuphen, Berea
Miss Ida Wooldridge, Berea

Class roster extracted from "Largest Class in its History : Berea High School Graduated Twenty-five Students Last Night," in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 25 May 1901