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Berea, OH High School Class of 1905

The class roll follows:

Merle H. Fadner
Mary C. Green
Leon L. Allen
John Bonsey
Ethel M. Burt
Gladys E. Beckwith
Vernon O. Fowles
Rose A. Brasel
Ora Van Haun
Beulah M. Richmond
Vita C. Morrissey
Lydia M. Jones
Grace I. Pierce
Hazel E. Money
Gottlob P. Krebs
Walter C. Rodd
Emma E. Thorne
Paul Meachtel
Lillie E. Gohlke
Margaret H. Craig
Gussie Danalds
Clara M. Crittle
J. Clara De Roy

Class roster extracted from "Graduation Exercises Held in Old College Town and in Berea," in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 10 Jun 1905