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Oberlin, OH High School Class of 1903

Those who received diplomas were:

Edna Capitola Arnet
Helen Adeline Baxter
Evelina Belden
Alice Verne Biggs
Arthur Eugene Bradley
James Laurence Breckenridge
James Henry Cowan
Murrell Edwards
Fannie W. Edwards
Mildred Mary Farrar
Hubert Everett Husted
Gabriel Veronica Jacobs
Sarah Blake Lewis
Earl Uriah McKee
Frances Marie Morse
Elizabeth Lucile Mattison
Jessie Margaret McNabb
Maud Adelaide Parsons
Lulu May Porter
Augustus Sylvester Phoenix
Helen Stewart Price
Maud May Reed
Nellie Frances Rosecrans
Ray E. Sackett
Sarah Seymour
Ruth Seymour
Ruby Estella Squire
James Hugh Smith
Gertrude Eleanor Sturges
Ida Floreda Stone
Arthur Stouffer
Edward Taborn
Lucile Winnifred Tillinghast
Iona Gertrude Wangerin
Clyde M. Waters
Frank Howard Waters
Elfreda Myrtle Wheeler
Mabel Gertrude Whiting
Allan Read Wilson

Class Roster extracted from "Two Girls to One Boy : Proportion of Graduates in the Largest Class Oberlin High School Ever Turned Out," in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 13 Jun 1903