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Oberlin, OH High School Class of 1905

James T. Brand
Adelle L. Tenney
Genevieve Dresser
Charles H. Yocom
Alfred W. Walkup
Faith W. Tenney
Robert T. Dickson
Henrietta K. Smith
Helen M. Wood
Pearl F. Cook
Francis I. Peabody
Euphemia Morris
Helen E. Hurst
Lora E. Bliss
Ruth A. Breckenridge
Nellie B. Snyder
Bertha L. Angle
Gertrude M. Gillis
Charles S. Phoenix
Robert Bruce Whitney
Frank P. Stone
Sarah E. Bacon
Estella L. Coe
Harlan D. Duimage
Edith Curtis
Nellie B. Herrick
Walter H. Peake
Halsey A. Frederick
Alice R. Gaston
Nina B. Haylor
Samuel Hartman
Ione Fowles
Paul B. Lawson

Class roster extracted from "Oberlin High's Largest Class," in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 10 Jun 1905