Canby, OR Canby Union High School Class of 1935

Henry Aamodt
Marie Arneson
George Arnold
Thelma Asbury
Frank Bean
Donald Beer
Helen Bigej
Lucille Bogen
Francis Bradti
Martha Bradti
Harvey Braker
Eldon Brandt
Kathrvn Bushman
Eunice Carmichael
Hal Cattley
Kenneth Cherrick
Wayne Cuddeback
Thelma DuRette
Thomas Fletcher
Dorothy Gahler
Marion Garmire
Harold Giger
Howard Giger
Henry Githens
Fern Gribble
Willmere Heerdt
Thelma Hensrude
Joy Hershberger
Curtis Johnson
Edith Keil
Dorothy Keiling
Florence King
James Lent
John Lienhart
Loys Mcfarland
Arnold Melum
Albert Menconi
Elnora Miller
Dwyn Miller
Evelyn Mooney
Violet Mowers
Alice Nordhausen
Miriam O'Donnel
Lester Peters
Leroy Pierson
Lois Prudham
Carl Raynor
Wilma Rider
Jay Rutherford
Glenn Schiedel
Yolanda Stefani
Amy Troyer
Phyllis West
Milda Zacher

Class Roster from the 1935 Yearbook of Canby Union High School

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