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Eugene, OR High School Class of 1914

Louise Hartford Allen
Rosebud Andrew
Grace Ethelin Archer
Nanna C. Axtell
Cecil S. Ball
Edna W. Ball
Lillian May Bancroft
June Beebe
Grace Ellen Bingham
Noble W. Bond
Beatrice Buoy
Drusilla Casteel
Errett Callison
Donald Calvert
Rea Calvert
Carrie Casperson
Truman Chase
Dorothy Collier
Robert Crenshaw
Page Davis
Helen M. Dresser
Deo Edwards
James B. Faubion
Evelyn M. Foster
Byron Kimball Foster
Edelweiss C. Fraasch
Dora Belle Francis
Grace Verdell Frederick
Ethel Gibson
Hazel Evelyn Gilpin
Myrtle Lola Gilpin
Elizabeth Bertha Ginsey
Chester I. Good
Lois C. Green
Percy F. Guy
Howard Hall
Madalene Harrison
Dorothy Harriet Hartung
Hazel E. Herley
Bernice L. Holmes
Opal Holverson
Doris Ellse Hubbell
Madge Pearl Humbert
Josie Lorena Huntsberry
Lester Hyland
Bernice Ruth Ingalls
Helen A. Irvin
Vivien Kellems
Jeanette Kletzing
Leonard F. Larwood
Grace Cuma Leathers
Clarence E. Lombard
Charles Lowry
Mildred Lucas
Elma L. Ludford
Dove McGee
Bertha McGuire
Howard G. Merriam
Agnes M. Miller
Evelyn Milliorn
Mary E. Moore
T. True Morris
Arthur Moses
Fred B. Morley
Richard Newman Nelson
Helen A. Porter
William D. Ramage
Harold Walter Rugh
John B. Ruth
Frances W. Schenck
Ethel M. Smith
Winifred Starbuck
Allene Stark
Emma Stephenson
Edna Slyvester
Hazel Caroline Taylor
Clinton Theines
Myrtle Tobey
Lida May Tucker
Marion Tuttle
Helen Gertrude Wells
Roy L. West
Helen Marie Wetzel
Gladys Goltra Wilkins
Juanita B. Wilkins
Dorothy Wilkinson
Sophus K. Winther
Junia Ennie Young

Class Roster extracted from "Eugene Graduates 88 : Largest Class in History of School Gets Diplomas," in the Oregonian, Portland, OR 7 Jun 1914