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Oregon Yearbook Collections | Old Yearbooks, Alumni Rosters, Graduation Programs and School Class Photos Memorabilia | Old-Yearbooks.com

High School Yearbooks, College Annuals, Alumni Rosters, School Photos and memorabilia with your ancestors, your relatives or you!

Oregon Yearbook Collections

Oregon High School and College Yearbook Collections

One of the websites that has a massed a large collection of high school and college yearbooks is ancestry.com. Many of these yearbooks are from Oregon.  They are a great source if you are looking for grandma’s yearbook, great grandma’s yearbook, etc., because of their older yearbooks dating back to 1880.  If you're looking for you're friends' yearbook photos, their collections feature more recent yearbooks, too, up through 2012.  They also have yearbooks from middle schools and junior high schools, as well.

Ancestry.com’s yearbook collection is updated frequently and when added new yearbooks are not typically listed in the “What’s New on Ancestry section”.  Because of that, it’s hard to keep up with all the yearbooks they’ve added.

Some of the yearbooks are from these Oregon cities and towns: Adrian, Albany, Alsea, American Fork, Amity, Anderson, Ashland, Astoria, Athena, Aurora, Baker City, Bandon, Banks, Beaverton, Bend, Brookings, Burns, Canby, Canyonville, Carlton, Central Point, Clackamas, Clatskaine, Cloverdale, Condon, Coos Bay, Coquille, Corbett, Corvalis, Cottage Grove, The Dalles, Dayville, Detroit, Drain, Elgin, Enterprise, Eugene, Forest Grove, Gaston, Gold Hill, Grants Pass, Gresham, Harper, Harrisburg, Hermiston, Hillsboro, Hines, Hood River, Hubbard, Huber, Independence, Irrigon, Jefferson, Jordan Valley, Junction City, Kerby, Klamath Falls, La Grande, Lake Oswego, Lakeview, Lebanon, Lincoln City, Lowell, Malad City, Mapleton, Maupin, McMinnville, Medford, Milton, Milton Freewater, Milwaukie, Molalla, Monmough, Moro, Mount Angel, Myrtle Creek, Myrtle Point, Newburg, North Bend, North Powder, Nyssa, Odell, Ontario, Oregon City, Painesdale, Pendleton, Phoenix, Pleasant Hill, Portland, Powers, Prineville, Rainier, Redmond, Reedsport, Rogue River, Roseburg, Saint Benedict, Saint Helens, Salem, Sandy, Scappoose, Scio, Sherwood, Silverton, Springfield, St. Helens, Slayton, The Dalles, Tillamook, Toledo, Troutdale, Ukiah, Vale, Vernonia, Waldport, West Linn, Wheeler, Willamina, Winston, Woodburn, Yamhill, and Yoncalla.  High school and college yearbooks from other cities and towns may have been added, as well.

The easiest way to access their yearbooks is to search the yearbooks with the search box on their main yearbook page.  Both will take you to the same results.  After you’ve done the search and have a chance to look at the results, you’ll need to subscribe to ancestry.com to view the actual yearbook pages.  There are a couple of ways to do this: monthly or yearly – but the easiest way is to do a 14 day free trial.  You’ll get two weeks to go through the yearbook collection and look for all your ancestors and friends, plus you get a chance to look at ancestry’s other collections:  Census records, death records, immigration records, old newspapers, obituaries, city directories and many other records.  You can find out a lot about your ancestors in two weeks!

How the Free Trial works.  You sign up for a free trial.  You'll create a user name and password and you will need to give them a credit card – but they won’t be charging it yet.  When you sign up, there will be a number that you can call to cancel the subscription.  Jot that down.  Once you’re started the free trial, start searching for your relatives and ancestors and look at the yearbooks, military records and all of the other collections.  If at the end of the two weeks, you decide ancestry.com is not for you, use that number that you jotted down and call them to cancel.  Also, when you are on the ancestry site, if you hover your user name (at the top right of the screen) and then click “my account” and you’ll see a “cancel my subscription” link part way down on the right side. You may decide that you enjoy using ancestry.com.  In that case, you don't need to do anything, they will charge your credit card and begin your subscription.  Either, way you were able to try them out for two week for free.

Other Oregon online yearbook collections: