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Uniontown, PA High School Alumni Notes 02

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Uniontown, PA High School Alumni Notes 02

'13, Margaret Chick, now Mrs. Harry Irvin, lives at 88 Grant Street, Uniontown.
'13, Hildred Hutchinson, now Mrs. Frankenburger, lives at Carmichaels, Pa.
'13, Elizabeth Cook Dickson is employed in the Pennsylvania Railroad Offices.
'13, Lelia Fouch, now Mrs. Boehn, lives at Clarksburg, W. Va.
'13, William Henshaw lives near Uniontown. He now has a fine apiary from which he gets quite a bit of honey.
'13, Edward Whitby is a plumber in Uniontown.
'13, Hazel Hutchinson, now Mrs. James Forson, lives at Pittsburgh.
'13, James Howard is a carrier in the Uniontown Post Office.
'13, Rena McClelland, now Mrs. William Graham, is making her home in Uniontown.
'13, Leslie Newcomer is with the Gilmore-Rhodes Hardware Co.
'13, Grace Brooke teaches in the East End School.
'13, Ada Glover, now Mrs. William Bryson, lives on the Dunbar Road.
'13, Magdalene Dice is a nurse at the West Penn Hospital, Pittsburg.
'13, Aileen Mitchell, now Mrs. Thomas Shanaberger, is living in Uniontown.
Maurice Frankenberry Lloyd Graham died in the service of their country.
'14 Mary Snyder and Edith Sturgis, both graduates of Vassar, are engaged in Red Cross work the Uniontown District.
'14 William Bromley graduated from the University of Michigan last June. He is now married and resides at Reading, Pa. where he is employed as a salesman for the Narrow Fabric Company of that city.
'15 Harold Romesburg is a student in the School of Dentistry at Pitt.
'15 Mary Drake is employed as stenographer by the law firm of Sturgis, Morrow and Sturgis.
'17 Marguerite Riffle is employed in the office of the Uniontown Grocery Co.
'18 Harold Truninger is a salesman at New Castle, Pa., for the National Biscuit Company.
Mr. D. H. McQuiston, one of the faculty of Uniontown High school several years ago, and a graduate of Westminster, has been appointed athletic director and football coach of that college.
'19 Hunter Robinson graduated from Annapolis this spring.
'19 Arthur Slone is attending the University of Michigan.
'19 Mabel Zearley is a student at Margaret Morrisen.
'19 Thomas Hunt is now married and is in the real estate business in Uniontown.
'20 Elizabeth Taneky became Mrs. Roy Hanford, April 17, 1922. The couple now have their home in Uniontown.
'20 Helen Johnsen is a student at Bucknell.
'20 Mary Long is attending Wellesly College.
'21 Beryl Molton was married, May 11, 1922, to Mr. James D. Taylor of Brownville. The couple will maketheir home in Fairchance where Mr. Taylor is employed.
'21 Laishley Brown will finish his course in the Brownson Technical School of Engraving at Lancaster, Pa., next year.
Among the students who have represented Uniontown at Penn State during the past year we find:
'16 Everett Letchworth
'17 Fred McMullen, Arthur Junk.
'18 Ralph Blaney.
'19—Russell Jones, John Breading, Ralph John Huntzinger, Harold Case. Robert Sincock.
'20 Jonathan Rittenhouse, Lewis Mechling, Louisa Michael, Earl Kierstead, John Yoder, Edgar Thomas Christ, Fred Nelan, Flora McCune.
'21 Harold Jacobs. Frances Heyser.