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West LaFayette, IN High School Alumni 1910-1914 page 04

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West LaFayette, IN High School Alumni 1910-1914 page 04

Alumni Teaching

Bertha Nisley, '10, Hebron, Ind.
Ruth Kise, '10, South Bend, Ind.
Ruth Barton, '12, Low Point, Ill.
Leona Sanders, '14, Fowler, Ind.
Mac Gray, '14, Wea, Ind.

Alumni Married

Esther Dye (Mrs. Grahm), '10, West LaFayette, Ind.
Gertrude Erwin (Mrs. Rawles), '10, West LaFayette, Ind.
Edna Miller (Mrs. Stoller), '10, West LaFayette, Ind.
Harry Mugg, '10, West LaFayette, Ind.
Alice Reyer (Mrs. Cook), '10, St. Louis, Mo.
Hazel Combs (Mrs. Davis), '10, Marion, Ind.
Alice Blake (Mrs. Johnson), '11, North Judson, Ind.
Prairie Boyer (Mrs. Carvin), '11, Rockville, Ind.
Bernice Carson (Mrs. Sexton), '11, Swiss City, Ind.
Aldine Meyers (Mrs. Frazier), '11, West LaFayette, Ind.
Ruth Williams (Mrs. Merley), '11, West LaFayette, Ind.
Claud Holwerda, '10, West LaFayette, Ind.
Mabel Whitsel (Mrs. Blankenbaker), '10, St. Louis, Mo.
Jack Masters, '13, New York, N. Y.
Antoinette Eacock (Mrs. Hadley), '13, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Alumni Elsewhere

Howard Morehouse, '10 (farming), Hebron, Ind.
May Shigley, '10, Indianapolis, Ind.
Harry Jenkins, '10, Chicago, Ill.
Orville Hixon, '10, Bloomington, Ind.
Clara Childs, '10, Kansas City, Kan.
Ruby Brown, '10, Salem, Ind.
Norman Ohm '10.
Emil Spencer, '10.
Lilla Whitsel, '11, Independence, Ind.
Burnett Street, '11, Philadelphia, Pa.
Ethel Nice, '12, Battle Ground, Ind.


Eva Rodman, '11.
Zella March, '11.
Cora Gingrich, '10.