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New Castle, Pennsylvania

New Castle, Pennsylvania High School and College Yearbooks online, for sale and in special collections.

New Castle High School

New Castle, PA High School Photos 1898-2013 online from lawrencecountymemoirs.com.  Once the page opens, scroll down to view the photos.  Includes:
  • 1899 Football Team
  • 1909 Football Team, includes Coach Thomas V. Malloy
  • Class of May 1919
  • 1919 Basketball Team, includes W. Klee, J. Stritmater, Floyd D. Yeager, J. Hartman, H. Orr, C. McCullough, W. Forney, W. Hilborn, P. Shafer, Mr. Orth.
  • 1922 Football Team, includes Bush, Offutt, Wilkinson, Fox, Shaffer, Harlan, Nolte, Cunningham, Orth, Gardner, H. Kirk, Weinshenk, Clarke, Hess, McCleary, Sergeant, Bridenbaugh, Hanlon, Preston, Sands, March, Hamil, Stone, Smith, Haug, Day.
  • 1925 Girls Basketball Team, includes Louise Kirker
  • 1925 Football Team, includes Ralph Day
  • 1928-29 Faculty, includes Frank Orth and Phil Bridenbaugh
  • 1930 Basketball Team
  • 1930 Girls Basketball Team, includes Coach Sara “Sally” McGoun
  • 1933 Football Team, includes Lane, Goodchild, Thomas, Glee, Orth, Bridenbaugh, Gardner, Jamison, F. Shellog, Seetch, Capitola, Johns, Workman, Crisci, McPeak, Palkovich, Humphrey, Tuscano, Fraley, Ostroski, Hamilton, Siani, Kneram, Fleming, A. Shellog, Raskowski, Howley, Kominic, James, Sorto, Ridley, Nickum, Hitchens.
  • 1942 Cheerleaders, includes Betty Finnessy, Violet Tobin, Joyce Alexander, Thomasino Armond, Carmen Smarelli, John Wasilewski, Bill Pascoe, Richard Scarazzo
  • 1942 Football Team, includes Dadejko, Lutz, T. Joseph, Ciccone, Newman, Showalter, Lash, Reed, Knight, Falk, Tempesta, Critchlow, Clark, Izzo, Phillips, Sanfilippo, Deegan, Genkinger, Lee, Gunn, Zubkowsky, Roussos, Burris, Tedesko, Currie, J. Joseph, Daniels, Lengyel, Micaletti, Jacobs, Kulnis, Preston, Audino, Day, Germani, Lewis, Liebendorfer, McKee, Williams.
  • 1958 Basketball Team, includes Eli Danilov and Don Black.
  • and other photographs.
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Highland Avenue School

New Castle, PA Highland Avenue School 6th Grade Photo online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Miss Swank, Unithea Stack, Tom McFate, Betty Kennedy, Sam Safier, Sara Wilson, Monty Sweesy, Mary Lou O'Leary, Richard Johns, Leone Weiss, Ruth Chilton, Edward _____, Isabell Douglas, Robert _____, Helen Muse, James Wood, Ruth MacNab, Billy Batten, Miss Aiken, Miss Smith, Eleanor Love, Irene _____, Glenna Goad, Geraldine Hatzel, Harriet Heasley, Jane Davis, Billy Emery, Dorothy Porte, Welty Rug.

Shenango High School


St. Mary's School