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Apollo, PA High School Class of 1932 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on October 31, 2009 - 8:13am


The class of 1932 when they were freshmen in 1929.

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In the photograph:

Class Roster: Frances Austin, Hannah Baer, Margaret Baer, Joseph Bee, Lloyd Bepler, Anna L. Brunner, Esther Burkett, Miriam Burkett, Louise Cockran [Cochran?], Irma Cox, Leroy Datz, Margaret Fiori, Edith Flippins, Arthur Franks, William Fryar, Margie Grady, Robert Gray, Ruth Hamilton, Martha Hill, Thelma Hunter, Helen Jean Jackson, Sara Kachman, James Kerr, Harriet Kinnard, Mercie Knepshield, Audrey Knappenberger, Jack Kennedy third row, third from left, John Lauffer, Blanche Martin, Dwight Myers, Frances Muckle, Rex Newingham, Constantine Passarelle, Sophie Passarelle, Evelyn Robinson, Thomas Ross, Edna Rupert, George Shank, Russell Shank, Donald Shockley, Edna Shiry, Harriet Stone, Claire Stitt, Harriet Walker, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Williams, Ruth Wingard, Mabel Zimmerman

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