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Jeannette, PA High School Faculty 1928-29 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on January 27, 2010 - 2:25am


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In the photograph: Harry J. Stump, Stanley Manifold, Paul Stoops, Joseph Harrick, Oliver Henry, Harry Basom, John Angelo, James McLean, John Maclay Jr., Judson Drengwitz, Francis Leinbach, Mary Lobody, Orpha Schall, Catherine Stauffer, Mary Poole, Elroy Albright, C. M. Myers, Warren Stroud, Erla Double, Mildred Hillis, Edna Holdren, Louise Steele, Kathryn Barley, Ruth Suter, Margaret Dickroeger, Estelle Floto, Mary Egan, Olga Bozzan, Edith Powell, Ellen Miller, Hazel Harshey, Wilda Hutchinson, Hazel Garman

Jeannette, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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