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Pittsburgh, PA High School Class of 1895

CLASS OF 1895.

Appel, Laura M., 171 Manton St. Teacher, Allen School. Normal, '96.

Bailey, Ada N., 339 Fisk St. Teacher, Hatfield School.

Bender, Lowry, 222 Main St. Mass. Inst. Tech.

Blessing, Frank C. S., 5440 Second Ave. Physician.

Booth, William W., 327 Meyran Ave. Dentist, 109 Main St. Carnegie, U. of P., D. D. S.

Chambers, Palmer S., Ingram. Attorney-at-Law, 1308 Farmers Bank Bldg. W. & J., B. A.; Harvard Law School.

Davis, Carl C., Died 1897.

Davis, Margaret G., 733 Copeland St., Teacher, Osceola School.

Demmler, Martha A., 308 Neville St.

Dumbrill, Jennie M., 120 N. Negley Ave.

Dunn, Joseph H., 4112 Penn. Ave. Bookkeeper.

Evans, Thomas R., Jr., 375 S. Negley Ave. Agent, Macbeth-Evans Glass Co., 407 Penn Ave.

Forsyth, Henry H., Ben Avon, Presbyterian Minister, Valedictorian, W. U. P., A. B.; Princeton Theo. Seminary, '99-'02; New College, Edinburg, '03.

Hamilton, Harry D., 262 Locust Ave., Washington, Attorney-at-Law. W. & J. College, '99, A. B., '02, A. M.; W. U. P., '02, LL. B. Married Mable Hood.

Hamilton, Mary Viola, Mrs. Wm. Speakman, Box 296, Pasadena, Cal.

Henry, James W., 99 S. Fifteenth St. Mgr., Aetna Life Ins. Co., Keystone Bldg. Married Lucie A. Winters.

Hitchcock, Charles, Jr., 305 S. Lang Ave. Clerk, City Hall.

Houston, John D., 338 Pacific Ave. J. W. Houston & Co., 1235 Liberty St. W. U. P., A. B.

Hukill, Ralph Vincent, 7530 Bennett St. Bookkeeper, National Bank Western Penna. Married Margaret J. McKown.