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Farrell, PA High School 1926 Football Team Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on July 4, 2010 - 12:25am


Farrell, PA High School 1926 Football Team


In the photograph: Mike Hricik, Jacob Jesano, Robert Sabo, Michael F. Papay, Leonard Roux, Albert Hilkirk, Coach William E. Ganaposki, Samuel Toskin, Thomas Di Silvio, Joseph Tominovitch, Samuel Taran, Joseph Vance, Albert Maynard, David Simmons, Harold LaCamera, Joseph White, Kevin Burns, John Low, Herbert Simmons, Van Magargee, D'Amico, Carl Billioni, Howard Nugent, Guy Newton, Wilson, John Fecik, John Fabian, Harry McFarlin, D'Angelo, William Gunesch, Victor Lawry

Farrell, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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