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Lock Haven, PA High School Alumni Notes 1881-1925

Did You Know That -

Lester Claster, '22, graduates from the Wharton Pepper School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, this June. Lester, who has been doing special research work, was chosen class prophet, a tribute which shows the success Lester has made at U. of P.

Among the changes in the teaching staff of the Lock Haven Public Schools, we note the election of
Miss Julia Coffee, '22, to a position in the Lincoln School. Also the election of Eleanor Green, '21, and Erma Gast, '18, to positions on the High School faculty. Miss Green graduates from Sweet Briar this year and Miss Cast has been a very successful teacher in the Robb School.

Paul Klepper, '14, has removed his family to Lock Haven, where he is employed. by the Lock Haven Express. Paul has been connected for some years with the Grit Publishing Co., of Williamsport.

That Don Griffin, '17 was offered the position of coaching at Lock Haven High School, hut felt that he. would rather return to Princeton, where lie has been very successful as freshman football coach?

Friends of Miss Frances Smith, '25, recently gave a shower for her. She will become the bride of Mr. Merrill Gordon, of Bellefonte, Pa.

That Reitz and Brownlee, '25. have made good at Kiski Prep School. Both boys were members of the varsity football. track and basketball teams.

Speaking of the athletes front 1925, we saw Wilbur Getz and Dean Fredericks at Easter time. Both these fellows wore the Varsity "A" from Alford University, where they have been at school.


The Alumni Association pauses to pay tribute to those who have passed, in the last year, from this world to the greater life beyond. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to those who mourn these loved ones, and trust that Time will heal the heartache and make dearer all precious memories of these, their loved ones.
John Krebbs, '81 - Bayonne, N. J.
Alpine 'White, '84 - Lock Haven, Penna.
Max Hayes, '89 - Lock Haven, Penna.
Ruth Quig, '23 - Lock Haven, Penna.


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