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Middleburg, PA High School Class of 1922

Alumni and where they were in 1926.

CLASS OF 1921-1922

Names, Residence, Residence Now

Mary Gougler, Middleburg, Susquehanna Uni.
Esther Roland, Centerville, Centerville
Joe Fopeano, Middleburg, Susquehanna Uni.
Alice Long, Centerville, Centerville
Geraldine Swartzlander, Middleburg, Lewistown
Edwin Kreamer, Middleburg, Pittsburgh
Leroy Libby, Middleburg, Middleburg
James Lawrense
Myron Erdley, Middleburg, Middleburg
Clair Corman, Middleburg, Middleburg

Alumni Notes from the 1926 Yearbook of Middleburg High School

Middleburg, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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