DuBois, PA St. Catherine High School Alumni Notes 1914-1925

Alumni Notes,

IT HAD always been predicted (by themselves) that the Class of '25, once members of the Alumni would forge quickly to the front. And the inevitable has happened!

For the benefit of the Class of '24, who might dispute the claim of '25, we'll say that the man leads the lady to the Altar, in almost all instances.
The affair referred to was the marriage of Earl Cochran, '25, to Agnes Cyphert, '24, in St. Catherine's Church, fall of 1925.

Shortly afterward, but still in line, Marjorie Lambert, '23, and Francis McMahon, '22, followed in their footsteps. The ceremony took place in Buffalo, where both parties had been residing.

Almost without interruption came the weddings of Elizabeth Haley, '21, to Kenneth Showers, and of Elizabeth Connell, '22, to William O'Brien.

But preceeding these interesting events among the younger set of the Alumni, Edward McNerney, of the Class of '14, holding up the honor of the elder, was married to Mary Ryan.

Their happiness so affected Charles Allen, '14, that he settled down to wedded bliss with Emma Lou Smith, of Brockway, as his bride.

It is understood, of course, that the Alumni Association wish these couples every happiness and, not adhering to the motto of "Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden", we take this opportunity of extending to them our very best wishes and to say, "God bless them and may they live long and happily".

The golden lights of the cities have beckoned and have been answered ; the calls for an education sent out by the colleges and institutions have received a glad response. So these are the reasons of the "why" and the "wherefore" of so many of our members wandering far afield in their search for the best in life.

Philadelphia claims Frank Paoletti, '25, and John Rogers, '20, as two of her rising young business men ; Mildred Malloy, '25, and Elizabeth Hewitt, '25, are enrolled in one of the largest hospitals, the "Misericordia", as "would-be's" in the nursing profession.

Patrick Johnson, '25, Thomas Johnson, '23, Paul McHugh, '23, Everett Anderson, '23, and Hassett Lambert, 22, are helping Detroit grow, while Francis Heberberger, '25, Blase Kennan, '24, Nan Harris, '24, Mary Searles, '17, and Zella Zell, 24, Grace Harris and Marie Hand are endeavoring to live up to the high standards of Washington, D. C., life. Francis Haberberger is at George Washington University, Nan is rapidly becoming a beauty specialist, while Blase, Mary, Zella and Marie are in training at the Providence Hospital.


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