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Glen Rock, PA Susquehannock High School 1954 Warriors Football Team Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on November 30, 2010 - 2:10pm


On the team (and probably in the photograph): Jack Hedrick, Donald Wolf, Larry Bahn, Ronald Good, Larry Krebs, Floyd Bubb, Richard Wagner, George Wilhelm, Donald Weaver, Tommy Walker, Robert Arthur, Robert Duerr, James Adams, Francis Itzoe, Larry Koller, James Masimore, Dale Orwig, Rodney Panian, Franklin Lucabaugh, Roger Shearer, Glen Goodling, Theodore Krebs, Wilbur Gantz, Ronald Wilhelm, Neil Harvey, Roger Williams, Fred Gaeckler, Jerry Ballard, Jere Miller, Franklin Ingram, Melvin Smith, Rodney Sides, Terry Smith, Lonnie Carman, Larue Harvey, Ralph Cox, Robert Wolf, Raymond Hill, Donald Keeney, Charles Ferguson, James Herbst, Head Coach - Robert L. McCoy, Assistant Coaches - Larry King, Charles Phillips

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