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Johnstown, PA Greater Johnstown High School Alumni Notes 1904-1918

Alumni Notes from the 1918 Spectator Magazine of Greater Johnstown High School.

On Commencement Day, 1918, a service flag displaying 180 stars was exhibited, showing the part taken by our Alumni in the war. Many others of our graduates have gone into service since then and with the operation of the new draft law, we may expect that their numbers will soon be greatly increased. Not only in active service in the field but in all lines of work that can advance the interests of the country, our Alumni will be found ever faithful. For this reason our Alumni notes during the year should be most interesting both to the Alumni themselves and to the under­graduate body. We bespeak your hearty cooperation in our attempt to gain such an interest.

1904—Robert Sagerson was recently commissioned a lieutenant in the Medical service of the U. S. A. and is now at Ft. Oglethorpe.

1906—Captain William E. Grove is connected with a base hospital in France.

1909—Earl and Mrs. Glock (nee McNeelis) announce the birth of a son.

1910—Lieutenant Morley Kline, now stationed at Camp Wadsworth, was a recent visitor to the city.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Carl Glock announce the birth of a son.
Karl Baumer is in service at Camp Lee.

1911—Sergeant Donald Davis, Co. F, 110th U. S. A. In­fantry, was seriously wounded July 29, 1918.
Mary Darling and Mr. D. Harris were married in June.

1912—Lieutenant A. Foster Smith of the Aviation serv­ice was a recent visitor to our school.

Herman Roth has received his commission as lieutenant in the Areo service.
1913—Fred Hager and Margaret Walters were married September 14, 1918.
Sergeant Charles Pinder, Ex-'13, Co. F, 110th U. S. A. Infantry, was wounded July 29. According to latest reports he is recovering rapidly.

1914—Sergeant Harry Heller, who had been gassed and injured at Chateau-Thierry, has been returned to this coun­try for rest and medical treatment. In a recent speech in chapel he gave an interesting account of his experiences.
In a letter just received from Leland Walker, now con­valescing [sic] in a base hospital in France, an interesting description of the historic Chalons region is given, extracts from which will be printed in a later number.

1915—Allen Roshon of the United States Navy was with us in a recent chapel exercise.
Word has just been received that Sergeant Robert Rut­ledge, Co. H, 111th Infantry, has been severely gassed in the line of duty.


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