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Nazareth, PA High School Class of 1902 Graduation

Nazareth High School

Special to The Inquirer

NAZARETH, Pa., June 27.—In Music Hall this evening the seventh annual commencement exercises of the High School were held in the presence of a large and delighted audience. Principal Huth presented the diplomas. The salutatorian of the class was Catherine F. Schumickley and valedictory was read by Marie T. Bahnson. P. Edmund Schwarze was class poet and Jesse D. Kreidler class historian. Essays were read by Anastasia M. Bahnson and Florence Etshman and orations were delivered by Charles B. Nicholas and Grover C. Bruch. The members of the class who received diplomas were:

Marie T. Bahnson, Catherine F. Schumickley, Florence Etshman, Anastasia M. Rahnson, Grover C. Bruch, Charles B. Nicholas, P. Edmund Schwarze and Jesse D. Kreidler.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 28 Jun 1902