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Phoenixville, PA High School Class of 1903

Nellie I. Brownback
Charles Hugg Cox
Stella Coplin
Lottie Ray Eisenhower
Sallie Davis Fisher
Annie Souder Faust
Thomas Rogers Haviland
Lewis Raymond Jones
Katherine Letitia Kelly
Mamie Keenan
Nora May Koons
M. Gertrude Miller
William Webster Miller - salutatorian
Fred L. Mowlds [or Mowids]
Margaret T. McMahon
Teresa Miller McMenamin
William Moore
Herbert Groves Powell
Rosalba Clarkson Pyle
Charlotte E. Pennypacker
Charles R. Patrick
Alma Rossiter
Vida Pearl Raby - valedictorian
Herbert Williams Smith
Minnie G. Widdlecombe
Nellie Emily Wilson
Mary Pauline Yost - class historian

Class roster extracted from "Phoenixville High Has Class of 27," in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 13 Jun 1903